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Parrucchieri Parrucchieri : The hairdresser should be able to blow drying your hair and provide a range of practical services and advice relating to hair. \"hairdresser\" other terms to define the role of Barber-first services like washing, cutting, massages, coloring, bleaching, perming, m é ches, styling and beauty treatments for hair (masks, clutches, balms, rejuvenating ampoules etc.). In addition the hairdressers must be constantly updated on fashion and trends and learn about the best hair treatment products on the market. The hair salon and a Hairdresser are also responsible for perfect cleaning and hygiene of the fair: must ensure proper washing (boiling) towels, hygiene or whether sterilisation of the instruments they use (scissors, razors, combs, etc.). Their role also è to advise its clients on hairstyle, cut and color that will best fit your face and personality à of each. So now to become a Hairdresser and Hairstylist means play an advisory role in the round on the hair. This is a real beauty consultant. To become a Barber and hairdresser, qualify and be able to perform the profession è can choose from one of the following locations: building 3 years duration 2 years of training course and 1 year of residency or internship to be carried out at a hairstyle; perform an insertion position lasting for 3 years at a company of hairstyle and follow a special course of theoretical instruction; play a period of 1 year à qualified working activities, which is to be preceded by an apprenticeship relationship ò. The hairdresser must have a predisposition to customer contact, good manualit à à, flair and creativity, good taste and aesthetic sense, interest in fashion and trends. Are also indispensable technical knowledge about hair Anatomy and pathology, chemistry, cosmetology and sanitary legislation in the sector. Hairdressers work mainly at shops or beauty salons, as employees or as owners of the company à, which can also take the form of à activity in franchising.

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Parrucchieri Parrucchieri - Hairdressers hair health care in the salons of beauty and aesthetics, with hair style for fashion photos and sales of hair-hair care products.

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Gossip & News

19 Feb 18

Collection: On The Waterfront
Ph: Barry Makariou
Styling: Emma Lee
Colour: Vivienne Howe


19 Feb 18

Paul Stafford and Amy Cartwright


Collection: Control
Ph: Lee Mitchell
Make-up: DJ Griffin
Styling: Sara O’Neill
Colour: Aidan Bradley


16 Feb 18


Nestlé non rinnoverà il patto di sindacato che da oltre 40 anni la legava a L'Oréal. Il colosso alimentare svizzero detiene il 23% del gruppo francese, mentre gli eredi di Liliane Bettencourt, deceduta nel settembre scorso, controllano il 33%.

Il patto, che scadrà il mese prossimo, contiene una clausola che stabilisce un tetto per le rispettive parti. Nestlé considera la partecipazione in L'Oréal un investimento fatto allo scopo di mantenere aperte tutte le opzioni nell'interesse dei suoi azionisti. Il cda ha deciso di non rinnovare il patto e l'amministratore delegato del gruppo elvetico non ha voluto commentare queste dichiarazioni.

È difficile interpretare le intenzioni degli svizzeri, che per ora non intendono vendere ai Bettencourt la loro quota, pur lasciando la porta aperta a qualsiasi opzione. Il patto prevede la sua estinzione il 21 marzo prossimo.

16 Feb 18

Admired for a wondrous ability to craft hair into eye-defying and mind-blowing effects, Angelo Seminara’s new Tatami technique raises the bar even higher. This collection radiates a glorious artistic dexterity which creates resplendent looks both intricately complex and startlingly tactile. Whether woven or plaited, knotted or strung, each one exudes magnificent splendour and fulsome femininity.

Collection: Tatami
Ph: Andrew O’Toole
Make-up: Laura Dominique
Styling: Niccolo Torelli
Hair Assistants: Yoko Kurokawa, Chihiro Meifuku, Minako Yoshida, Hyung Wook Ko


12 Feb 18

Nuova App Gamma Più

GAMMA PIÙ Srl, azienda specializzata nella produzione di accessori professionali per parrucchieri di Cazzago San Martino (Brescia), ti invita a scaricare la sua App!

Ora disponibile su App Store e Play Store.

L’applicazione per leggere tutti i giorni le ultime novità del fashion.

Da oggi è inoltre possibile scoprire direttamente dall'App maggiori informazioni sui prodotti GAMMA PIÙ e richiedere la visita di un rappresentante.





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